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Sunday, October 16, 2011

beautiful and sexy asian women

Asian women do have a very distinctive beauty, it is recognized worldwide. 
Who are these women asia?
Here beautiful and sexy asian women.

1. Lea Salonga

beautiful and sexy asian women
She was born in Manila, Philippines. He started up a career as a singer at the age of 10 years, through the debut album "Small Voice '. The fluttering of his career when he gets a chance to bring his own show 'Love Lea'.
She also jajal film world through the 'Miss Saigon'. Even be trusted to fill his golden voice singing Jasmine in the movie 'Aladdin'. In 1991, Lea was selected as one of the world's 50 most beautiful woman in People magazine.

2. Ziyi Zhang

 She is an actress from China who with Kelly Hu's first appearance in the movie "Rush Hour 2". Because she could not speak English, Jackie Chan had to translate her director.
Ziyi is ranked second in the list of 100 Sexiest Women magazine FMH Taiwan. She also entered the '25 Hottest Stars Under 25 'version of Teen People magazine in 2001 and 2002.

3. Lucy Liu

beautiful and sexy asian women
She comes from a family of Chinese immigrants. She was born in Queens, New York, and always trying to balance the cultural tradition that was followed by a desire advanced as an Asian-American.
She is the first Asian-American woman to be a guest in 'Saturday Night Live' in 1975. Lucy Liu entered ranked 56 in the 'FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005 and ranked 79 in 2006.

4. Devon Aoki

beautiful and sexy asian women
She has the blood of Japanese, Germany and England. She began his career as a model when she was 13 years old.
Currently She a model of Lancome cosmetics and became the best selling models in her agency, Women. She also has starred in several films such as '2 Fast 2 Furious', 'Sin City', and 'Sin City 2'.

5. Yunjin Kim

beautiful and sexy asian women
Yunjin Kim was born in Korea, but grew up in New York, United States.
Yunjin, which has become a huge star in Asia, more famous for starring in the television series 'Lost'.
She entered ranked 98 in the 'Hot 100' version of Maxim magazine pad.

6. Michelle Yeoh

beautiful and sexy asian women
 This beautiful actress was born with the name of Yang Zi Chong in the city of Ipoh, West Malaysia. Yeoh is the highest-paid actress in Asia. movies that made She famous is the 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'.
Yeoh been included in the list of '50 Most Beautiful People 'version of People magazine. Miss Malaysia 1983 was able to speak English, Malay, and Chinese languages​​.

Wei Tang was born in Zhejiang Province, China. As an aspiring writer and director, She's actually famous as an actress through her ​​role as Ang Lee in the film 'Caution'.
She was elected from more than 10 thousand actresses to appear in the film, which won the Golden Lion award in 2007.

8. Maggie Q

beautiful and sexy asian women
Maggie Denise Quigley (better known as Maggie Q) has a bloody Polish-Irish father and mother of a Vietnamese citizen. Magie became a model and television star, before becoming a film actress.
She never became extras in the movie 'Rush Hour 2' and playing with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Then, a supporting role in the movie 'Mission Impossible III', and play in 'Live Free or Die Hard' with no auditions.
9. Kelly Hu

beautiful and sexy asian women
There are four countries in the blood of Kelly Hu, namely American, Chinese, Filipino, and England. She won the Miss Teen USA 1985, and at that time she was a first Asian American to win the award.
In 1993, she followed the Miss USA as Miss Hawaii in the United States. In the competition She won the Miss Photogenic award and included in the ranking of the top six. Kelly Hu became the first Asian woman to be a model of Maxim magazine. Sales of Maxim magazine with model Kelly Hu is the biggest sales in their history.

10. Gong Li
She was born in Shenyang, and grew up in Jinan. She is a Chinese actress who was very popular among western filmmakers. She earned a Best Actress in the 49th Venice International Film Festival for his role in the film 'The Story of Qiu Ju'.
This beautiful woman has starred in several prestigious films such as 'Memoirs of Geisha', 'Miami Vice', and 'Hannibal Rising'. Li has also been included in the '50 Most Beautiful People 'version of People magazine. She is also a beauty ambassador for L'Oreal cosmetics